After decades of focus on childhood immunization, public health officials are now challenged to improve adult immunization. However, unlike the extensive federal and state infrastructure support around childhood immunization, public health funding for adult vaccine purchase and programming initiatives is more limited.  The resource guide, webinars, and additional resources provide snapshots of these efforts and guide to generate ideas and inform management strategies for promoting adult vaccinations across the nation and territories. For even more resources, visit the AIM resource library.

Adult Immunization Resource Guide

Association of Immunization Managers (AIM) Adult Resource Guide

The AIM Adult Immunization Resource Guide features activities and strategies that immunization programs have employed to improve the delivery of immunizations to adults. Each chapter offers adult-focused strategies that programs can adopt, adapt, or use as inspiration in planning or brainstorming exercises.

Webinar 1: Tracking Vaccine Opposition Movement and Vaccine Perceptions

AIM held its second Adult Immunization Webinar on June 4, 2014. The Adult Immunization webinar focused on sharing information on the state of adult immunizations at the Program level, new communications strategies and materials being developed at CDC, and lessons learned from Chicago’s adult immunization activities. Speakers include LaDora Woods (CDC), Aparna Ramakrishnan (CDC), Amy Callis (CDC) and Julie Morita (City of Chicago Immunization Program).

2023 Immunization Champion Awardees

Announcing the 2023 Immunization Champions award winners! Please read through to learn more about the 2023 Champions from various jurisdictions.

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