Celebrating Excellence in Immunization Program Management

AIM recognizes that immunization program managers are central to the success of our nation’s immunization efforts. AIM members ensure vaccines reach the thousands of providers who provide COVID-19 vaccination and the 44,000+ providers and physicians enrolled in the Vaccines for Children program. Members do the hard and necessary work to lead the nation’s network of immunization programs—supporting information systems that track vaccinations, monitoring vaccination progress, containing outbreaks, and informing and educating consumers. They work year-round to develop and implement strategies to ensure that immunization coverage rates remain high, and that babies, adolescents, and adults are protected from vaccine-preventable disease.

AIM is proud to celebrate the hard work, innovation, and commitment to excellence shown by program managers throughout the nation.

Beginning in 2021, AIM will take the lead on the Immunization Champion Award, with CDC providing support. Due to the ongoing work on the COVID-19 pandemic response, this year will be a transition year for the awards. AIM is hoping to continue with the Immunization Champion Award in the latter part of 2021 with a broader rollout of the awards program in 2022.

Natalie Smith, MD

The Natalie J. Smith, MD Award is presented in memory of AIM member Natalie J. Smith’s outstanding management and leadership skills. It was established to recognize the contributions of an immunization program manager who has demonstrated the high ideals, innovation, and commitment to excellence in immunization practices that characterized Dr. Smith’s career. The award recognizes accomplishments and visionary leadership that have had a significant impact on achieving city, state, territory, and/or national vaccine-preventable disease goals and is the highest form of recognition for immunization program managers.

2019 Winner: Christine Finley (VT)

Winner Christine Finley

The AIM Rising Star Award recognizes a new program manager who demonstrates effective leadership and potential for growth within AIM. Awardees are engaged with peers and partners across the country and demonstrate a desire to impact the broader immunization community.

2019 Winner: Tom McCleaf (PA)

Winner Tom McLeaf

The AIM Partnership Award recognizes an AIM partner who has worked with AIM to address an issue important to AIM members. Award winners’ work must involve collaboration and shared responsibility with AIM to implement a project that delivers a valuable resource or service to AIM members. Past award winners have been from academic institutions, nonprofits, government, academic institutions, the public health community, and the private sector.

2019 Winner: Laurel Wood of the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC)

Winner Laurel Wood

The Bull’s-Eye Award for Innovation and Excellence in Immunization recognizes programs whose immunization strategies have “hit their mark,” achieving goals and increasing awareness by encouraging replication in other programs.

2019 Winners: Colorado, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Wisconsin immunization programs

Learn more about 2019 award winners:

The AIM Impact Award recognizes a program manager who has dedicated significant time, expertise, and experience toward achieving AIM’s organizational goals—such as fostering member connection and contributing to sound immunization policy.

2019 Winner: Molly Howell (ND)

Winner Molly Howell

The AIM Leading Through Adversity Award recognizes program managers who have shown fearlessness and perseverance under pressure and have risen to the challenge of managing an immunization program through difficult circumstances.

2019 Winners: Elizabeth Rausch-Phung (NY), Michele Roberts (WA), Jane Zucker (NYC)

2019 Winners: Elizabeth Rausch-Phung (NY), Michele Roberts (WA), Jane Zucker (NYC)
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