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Working together to achieve success

AIM is proud to partner and support nonprofits and academic institutions, community groups, public health agencies, government, and corporate allies in the private sector to help achieve AIM’s mission of ridding the nation of vaccine-preventable disease.

AIM’s collaboration with partners on initiatives ensures the important perspectives and experience of AIM’s program managers are represented to help formulate sound national immunization policy.

Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) is a national program to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). AIM is partnering with CDC to engage and support community organizations in their efforts to increase flu and COVID-19 vaccination in communities of color.

CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) provides advice and guidance on effective control of vaccine-preventable diseases in the U.S. civilian population. ACIP has work groups to help in the review of data and development of CDC recommendations. AIM members participate in work groups to represent health department immunization program needs and experience.

National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) makes recommendations to the Assistant Secretary for Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services about the prevention of human infectious diseases through vaccine development and preventing adverse reactions to vaccines. The AIM liaison to NVAC participates as a non-voting member to represent immunization program managers’ viewpoint.

Partnership News

iREACH Lessons Learned Report
The report summarizes findings and provides recommendations from the national environmental scan and the direct experiences of REACH recipients.
iREACH Lessons Learned Report: National Environmental Scan
The Lessons Learned Report: National Environmental Scan contains a comprehensive national review of publicly available information on COVID-19 and flu vaccine campaigns and messaging from March 2020–June 2023.
COVID-19 Vaccine Education Resources for iREACH Recipients and Partners
REACH created a list of quality educational resources from trusted sources to assist in improving health equity & COVID-19 vaccination rates.
Episode 8: REACHing for Vaccine Equity Holistic Approaches to Improve Health Outcomes – RAO Community Health/Carmenia Consulting, LLC
In this final episode of REACHing for Vaccine Equity, meet a team using innovative approaches to improve COVID-19 and flu vaccination rates.
September 13
REACHing for Health Equity: Community Sustainability Webinar (AIM)
This one-hour webinar on September 13 at 2 pm ET will feature a panel that includes REACH recipients discussing community sustainability.
Episode 7: REACHing for Vaccine Equity Innovative Strategies to Build Vaccine Confidence in a Hispanic/Latino Community – Penn State College of Medicine
In this episode of REACHing for Vaccine Equity, learn how activating trusted partners led to vaccine success in this vibrant community with strong family connections.
Episode 6: REACHing for Vaccine Equity Building Vaccine Trust in the Rural South – The Wellness Coalition
In this episode of REACHing for Vaccine Equity, learn from a community health leader who addressed generational mistrust of vaccines with education and compassion.
Episode 5: REACHing for Vaccine Equity Determinants of Health & Vaccine Equity – Worcester Division of Public Health and City of Worcester
In this episode, learn how one COVID-19 and flu vaccination program tackled disease prevention, grew healthcare access, and improved vaccine equity in a cross-city effort.

For More Information

Contact Mackenzie Melton, AIM Outreach and Education Manager, to learn more about partnering with AIM on educational efforts and policy activities.

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