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AIM Virtual Exhibit Hall

The AIM Virtual Exhibit Hall is a series of informational presentations showcasing vaccine-related products. Each Virtual Exhibit Hall webinar features a company sharing its product in a 20-minute presentation followed by a question and answer period.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: Sonicu

In this webinar, Sonicu presents information on the VFC Temperature Monitoring Program.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: KidsVax

In this webinar, KidsVax presents information on their vision for no financial barriers to being vaccinated in the United States.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: HLN

In this webinar, HLN presents information on their open source projects and software such as the Vaccine Provider Agreement System (VPAS).

Virtual Exhibit Booth: GSK

In this webinar, GSK shares an update on the impact that COVID-19 has had on routine U.S. adolescent and adult vaccine utilization across markets.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: CroweVax

In this webinar, CroweVax shares their data management and appointment software.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: PAE

In this webinar, PAE shares their experience using their mobile clinic services around the country to fight COVID-19.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: Berlinger

In this webinar, Berlinger presents an insightful webinar on cold digital data loggers and discuss their Fridge-tag and SmartView devices.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: AstraZeneca

In this webinar, AstraZeneca shares forecasts for the upcoming influenza seasonal vaccine and expectations for routine vaccinations.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: LogTag Recorders

In this webinar, ArmorVax demonstrates their new mobile app, ArmorVax, to show how the simple and streamlined system can benefit patients and providers.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: STChealth

In this webinar, STChealth discusses immunization verification systems and introduces their Consumer Network Access system that will provide record access to consumers.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: Bavarian Nordic

In this webinar, Bavarian Nordic presents on the development of the human rabies vaccine.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: ArmorVax

In this webinar, ArmorVax demonstrates their new mobile app.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: AeroSafe

In this webinar, Aerosafe discusses their simple and reliable cold chain solution for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.
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