AIM Officers and Executive Committee Members

AIM Officers

Tom McCleaf (PA)

Heather Roth (CO)

Past Chair
Amber Tirmal (Phila)

Heather Burris (DC)

Executive Committee Members

Bindy Crouch (NYC) 
Molly Howell (ND)
Emman Parian (CNMI)
Sarah Aho (AK)
Bob Wines (WV)
Kathy Kudish (CT)
Cassandra Walkama (WY)
Sarah Leeds (ID)
Ron Balajadia (HI)
Stephanie Schauer (WI)

AIM Staff

Claire Hannan

Claire Hannan, MPH

Executive Director

Claire Hannan joined the Association of Immunization Managers as its first Executive Director in 2004 and has spent her career working to support immunization policies and practices. She is responsible…

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Brent Ewig, MSPH

Chief Policy and Government Relations Officer

As the Chief Policy and Government Relations Officer, Brent monitors the immunization policy landscape and develops resources to support AIM members engaging in effective policy development. He represents AIM in…

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Dr. Michelle Fiscus

Chief Medical Officer

As the Chief Medical Officer, Michelle Fiscus, MD, FAAP, leads AIM’s CDC-funded project to improve COVID-19 vaccination rates in children under 5 years and helps inform AIM’s products, strategies, and…

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Dr. Emily Messerli

Chief Programmatic Officer

As the Chief Programmatic Officer, Emily Messerli, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, leads a dynamic team to implement the activities associated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cooperative agreements.…

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Jennie Moss

Jennie Moss, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Jennie supervises AIM’s business operations, including human resources, operations, fiscal management, accounting, and contract and grant management.  She collaborates with AIM’s leaders to develop a solid…

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Katelyn Wells, Ph.D.

Chief Research, Evaluation, and Development Officer

As the Chief Research, Evaluation, and Development Officer, Katelyn develops and manages AIM's research and evaluation activities; oversees AIM’s top priorities and vision; and strategically works to increase AIM’s financial…

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Tessa Atkinson-Adams

Tessa Atkinson-Adams, MPA

Communications Director

As Communications Director, Tessa is responsible for developing and executing the organization's communications strategy. She manages all communications and ensures they are clear, unified, and compelling; provides oversight of the…

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Mackenzie Melton

Mackenzie Melton, MPH

Health Education Director

Mackenzie brings more than 20 years of public health, nonprofit, and vaccine advocacy experience to AIM. As Health Education Director, she designs and implements education and training on immunization program…

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Purnima Unni, MPH, CHES

Health Equity and Member Services Director

As the Health Equity and Member Services Director, Purnima Unni oversees the administration and management of activities associated with cooperative agreements awarded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

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Dr. Diadra W. Biles

MAP Associate Director

As the MAP Associate Director, Diadra W. Biles, DPM, MPH, CPH, works on implementing and evaluating the activities associated with the Member Assistance Program (MAP). Before joining AIM, she served…

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Katie Drumhiller

Katie Drumhiller, MPH

Research and Evaluation Associate Director

As Research and Evaluation Associate Director, Katie leads AIM’s data collection and evaluation efforts and provides support for research grants and publications. Before joining AIM, she worked as a researcher…

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Katy Gore, MPH, CHWI

Vaccine Access Policy Associate Director

As Vaccine Access Policy Associate Director, Katy’s role is working on AIM’s CDC-funded project to improve COVID-19 vaccination rates in children under five years and helping inform AIM’s products, strategies,…

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Bertrand Kila

Bertrand Kila

Finance Associate Director

As Finance Associate Director, Bertrand is responsible for managing AIM’s finances which includes: generating financial reports, facilitating AIM’s annual audits, facilitating dues invoicing, payments, and reporting and coding income and…

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Kristy Westfall

Kristy Westfall

IIS Policy Associate Director

As IIS Policy Associate Director, Kristy supports members with immunization information systems (IIS) and data exchange. She worked with the Wyoming Department of Health Immunization Unit in various roles before…

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Aleah Jensen

Aleah Jensen

Policy Analyst

As Policy Analyst, Aleah works closely with AIM’s executive director to organize and facilitate member activities and meetings, assist with media outreach and presentations and synthesize COVID-19 information for AIM…

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Ellie Austin

Ellie Austin

Member Services Senior Coordinator

As Member Services Senior Coordinator, Ellie works on the implementation of the activities associated with a cooperative agreement awarded by CDC—providing support for AIM awards, membership support, and leadership development…

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Angelika Hernandez_ 2024

Angelika Hernandez, MA

Communications Senior Coordinator

As the Communications Senior Coordinator, Angelika contributes to AIM’s communications efforts, including the website, social media, and email communications. She has supported organizations such as Banner Health, the Phoenix Children’s…

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Kendall Phillips professional photo.

Kendall Phillips

Health Education Senior Coordinator
As Health Education Senior Coordinator, Kendall implements education and resource offerings for members associated with a CDC cooperative agreement.
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Julia Donavant

Research and Development Coordinator
As Research and Development Coordinator, Julia coordinates several AIM programs and research and development grants.
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Helsa Guillaume

Health Equity Coordinator

As Health Equity Coordinator, Helsa provides administrative support related to AIM’s partnership with CDC’s Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) program. Before joining AIM, Helsa served her community…

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Mikaela Pereira

Mikaela Mendoza Pereira, MPH

Member Services Coordinator

As the Member Services Coordinator, Mikaela collaborates on the CDC-awarded cooperative agreement goals with the team. Her role involves facilitating the progress, application, and maintenance of measures to improve immunization…

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Jasmine Murray

Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant, Jasmine works closely with AIM’s Executive Director by providing calendar management, meeting support, and project management. She also assists members, staff, and stakeholders. Jasmine has over 25…

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Rebecca Lawson

Public Health Associate

Rebecca Lawson is a 2022 CDC Public Health Associate working with AIM.  As a public health associate, she works to address public health needs and challenges in various ways. Becca…

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Cynthia Saballos

Finance Associate

As the Finance Associate, Cynthia supports AIM's finance team. Cynthia graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor's in Media and Digital Communication and is pursuing a Master's in…

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Rachel Van Gundy

Research and Development Associate

As the Research and Development Associate, Rachel provides administrative support to the Research and Development team. She works closely with the Corporate Alliance Program, the AIM Leadership in Action Conference,…

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Natasha Dennis

Natasha Dennis

Careers in Nonprofits Temp - Senior Administrative Assistant
As the Senior Administrative Assistant, contracted as a temp through Careers in Nonprofits, Natasha supports the Federal Grants team and assists the CPO.
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Rachel McCray

Rachel McCray

Careers in Nonprofits Temp - Health Equity Associate
As Health Equity Associate, Rachel provides communications and administrative support for the REACH program.
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Emily Porcelli

Careers in Nonprofits Temp - Communications Associate
As Communications Associate, contracted as a temp through Careers in Nonprofits, Emily works to support the Communications team.
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Alexa Rodriguez

Alexa Rodriguez

Careers in Nonprofits Temp - Administrative Assistant
As Administrative Assistant, Alexa collaborates closely with the CMO, providing support in meeting coordination, calendar management, and project oversight.
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Emily Less, MPH

Public Health Consultant

As a public health consultant for AIM, Emily focuses on vaccine confidence, immunization policy, and supporting research and development. Before joining AIM, she worked at Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, where…

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Lori Linstead

Member Services Consultant

Lori is a private consultant who works with AIM to support immunization program managers in coordinating and operationalizing immunization information systems (IIS). She also assists AIM with various member services…

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Monica Mayer_2024

Monica Mayer, MPH

Corporate Alliance Consultant

Monica manages the Corporate Alliance Program and has been with AIM since her retirement in 2018. She facilitates the Virtual Exhibit Hall webinars and coordinates the Exhibit Hall for the…

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Jack McClure

Public Health Consultant
As a public health consultant, Jack supports immunization policy, influenza, RSV, and adolescent immunization activities.
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AIM Legacy Council Members

Beth Rowe West (NC)

Brock Lamont (TX)

Christine Finley (VT)

Jane Zucker (NYC)

Laurel Wood (AK)

Lori Linstead (OK)

Phil Griffin (KS)

Saroj Rai (TX)

Stacy Stevens Hall (LA)

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