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Research-Driven Recommendations

AIM conducts research independently and in partnership with other organizations to develop and share evidence-based immunization policies and practice recommendations. AIM participates in various aspects of research projects, including research design, data collection and analysis, and dissemination of results.

Conducting Surveys or Interviews of Immunization Program Managers

Researchers interested in surveying or interviewing immunization program managers are strongly encouraged to participate in the AIM screening and recommendation process. Surveys and interview requests that have received a recommendation from AIM are more likely to be completed by immunization program managers, as they demonstrate value to AIM members.

Conducting Research in Partnership with AIM

Researchers interested in partnering with AIM to access the experience and expertise of state, territorial, and local immunization programs should review the research collaboration request process and complete the research collaboration request form below.

Advocating for Public Health Immunization Programs

As a national leader on immunization policy and programs, AIM advocates on behalf of our member immunization programs, educates policymakers and others about the benefits and purpose of public health immunization programs, and provides programmatic expertise to fellow members, stakeholders, and partners. AIM conducts a limited amount of federal legislative advocacy in accordance with federal tax laws and federal grant guidance.

Member-Driven Policy Priorities

Policy priorities are identified by AIM members through a consensus-based approach. Information is gathered from AIM membership, stakeholders, and partners, as well as research reports and published articles. AIM also maintains  an Immunization Program Policy Toolkit, a collection of helpful resources within our resource library.

For More Information

Please contact Katelyn Wells, AIM Chief Research and Development Officer, at (301) 424-6080 for additional information.

Policy Resources

AIM Legislative Round-up: May 20, 2024
As most state legislative sessions are wrapping up, this round-up provides a federal budget update and overview of some vaccine-related court cases.
AIM Legislative Round-up: May 6, 2024
Over 40 vaccine-related bills were considered by state legislatures across the country since our Legislative Round-up on April 22.
AIM Legislative Round-Up: April 22, 2024
Since the April 8 Legislative Round-up, five state legislative sessions ended, and one state’s legislative session began.
AIM Legislative Round-Up: April 8, 2024
As of April 8, thirty-one new vaccine-related bills were introduced since the last Round-Up, with several crossing the finish line.
AIM Legislative Round-Up: March 25, 2024
As of March 25: 6 state legislative sessions have ended, 1 new state legislative session has opened, and 38 state legislative sessions are underway.
AIM Legislative Round-Up: March 11, 2024
With many states in the heat of legislative session and 364 pending vaccine-related bills, AIM is relaunching our weekly Legislative Roundup with the March 11 Roundup.
Connecting the Dots: Legislative Sessions
This guide is designed to equip AIM members and their staff with the necessary tools and information to engage with elected officials appropriately during the legislative session.
AIM Policy Maps
AIM policy maps are updated on a rolling basis with voluntary information that is self-reported by immunization programs.
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