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The AIM Corporate Alliance Program provides critical support to AIM and its mission.

Influenza, measles, and whooping cough—these and many other vaccine-preventable diseases continue to impact the lives of far too many families, neighbors, and community members. AIM is dedicated to establishing a nation free of vaccine-preventable disease. AIM members are the leaders of state, local, and territorial immunization programs who direct public health efforts designed to keep children and adults vaccinated and protected against disease.

AIM provides a national voice for our member immunization programs and a forum for program managers to learn from each other, confront challenges, and achieve success. Since its inception, AIM has gathered and shared information with its members on policy implementation, legislative issues, programmatic success, and more.

The Corporate Alliance Program provides critical support to AIM to achieve this mission.

Become an ally and make a difference.

By joining the Corporate Alliance Program, corporate allies can:

  • Stay on top of changes in state, local, and territorial immunization program leadership and staff
  • Learn about shifting priorities, new requirements, and policy changes
  • Share the latest information on evolving technology and new products and services with immunization program staff through a Product Directory and live webinars
  • Show your corporation’s support of AIM and public health by featuring your Corporate Alliance membership badge on your company site, as well as featuring your logo and website link on AIM’s website
  • Participate in the annual AIM Leadership in Action Conference
  • Attend regular webinar updates for Corporate Alliance members

Learn more about joining:

Corporate Alliance Program Disclosures

  • AIM receives less than 25% of its annual revenue from the Corporate Alliance Program
  • Revenue raised through the Corporate Alliance Program carries no conditions or obligations
  • AIM does not endorse specific brands, products, or companies
  • Corporate Alliance Program participants do not provide input to AIM policies or procedures

For More Information

Please contact Rachel Van Gundy, Research and Development Associate, for more information.

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