Get ready for the 2023 Immunization Champion Awards!

AIM is excited to launch the 2023 Immunization Champion Award this spring! Now is a great time to start thinking about who deserves to be celebrated as an Immunization Champion. The nomination packet will be released in early April, and the nomination period will open on April 17.

We look forward to celebrating the amazing Champions selected by AIM members. For any questions, please reach out to us.

View the 2022 Immunization Champion Award winners here.

2023 Nomination Packet

Nominations will be accepted from all 50 U.S. states, six cities, and eight U.S. territories and the District of Columbia. Nomination forms should be submitted to the immunization programs of the state or territory in which the nominee resides. Self-nominations are welcome. The nomination period opens on April 17, 2023, and closes on May 19, 2023.

Please download the nomination packet, and send nominations to the immunization program of the state or territory in which the nominee resides. Please submit a photo and the completed narrative form. The photo and responses to the narrative question may be used for promotional purposes if the nominee is selected as an Immunization Champion. Please contact AIM if you need help reaching out to your immunization program.

Download the Nomination Packet (.docx)

2023 Champion Award Toolkit

The 2023 Immunization Champion Award Toolkit is password protected. Please enter the password to view the materials. For any questions or if you need assistance, please contact us.

Protected: 2023 Immunization Champion Award Toolkit

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2023 FAQs

1. What is the Immunization Champion Award? The Immunization Champion Award honors one individual per jurisdiction who is going above and beyond to promote immunization in their communities. 2. What’s new for 2023? Champions can include individuals doing exemplary work in ANY vaccine category, eligibility requirements have been updated, and the nomination packet has been further simplified. 3. What happened to the HPV Vaccination Champion Award/CDC Childhood Immunization Champion Award? This award has been absorbed by the Immunization Champion Award. Nominees can still be recognized for their work in HPV. 4. How do programs start planning for this award? AIM has created the Immunization Champion Award Toolkit which includes the nomination packet, social media, and promotional templates as well as a checklist with suggested action items for key dates during the process. This toolkit will be available in April on AIM’s website. 5. Which vaccines can Champions be recognized for? Champions can be recognized for their work in ANY vaccine category.
6. What is the nomination process? Nominations are submitted directly to the immunization program in the state or territory where the nominee resides. The immunization program is responsible for selecting and submitting one Champion to AIM by June 23. AIM reviews and confirms the recommendations and issues awards. The immunization program will then notify their Champion by August 1. 7. Who is eligible for nomination? Healthcare professionals (i.e., pharmacists, physicians, nurses, physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, etc.), non-profit leaders, community activists, parents, school and education leaders. coalition members, and community-based organization members. 8. Who is NOT eligible? Immunization program managers, county, state, and federal government employees paid by state or federal immunization funding, individuals who have been affiliated with and/or employed by pharmaceutical companies, individuals who have already received the award, and groups – the award is only for individuals. 9. When will the awardees be announced? Programs should inform their Champion they have received the award by August 1. AIM and CDC will feature all Champions on their websites during National Immunization Awareness Month in August. 10. What does one receive upon being awarded? Champions will receive an award plaque from AIM and CDC. 11. How are Champions celebrated? AIM will feature all Champions on the Immunization Champion Award section of the AIM website. Jurisdictions can decide internally if they would like to host an in-person or virtual celebration for their Champion. 12. Who is the point of contact? Reach out to the Immunization Champion Award Team at
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