Washington: Power of Providers (POP) Initiative


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, trust in the nation’s public health agencies has declined, and hesitancy to receive a COVID-19 vaccine exists. Some people are unsure how to find reliable, accurate information to support informed decisions about their health. The Power of Providers (POP) Initiative is an innovative program that leverages the expertise and power of healthcare providers by supporting their conversations about COVID-19 vaccines and providing related resources.

Lessons Learned and Key Factors for Success

Key factors in the success of the initiative include:

  • Dedicating time to build bi-directional, mutually beneficial relationships between DOH and healthcare providers. Members were recognized, resourced, and invited to give feedback to inform DOH programming and policies.
  • Including providers from a wide variety of disciplines and all regions has expanded the program and allowed us to educate and inform more people about the safety and benefits of COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Providing tools to improve patient communication, combat misinformation, and ensure staff have the latest clinical guidance has contributed to Washington achieving one of the highest rates of COVID-19 vaccination in the country.
  • Targeted efforts to reach those at highest risk for disease and death from COVID-19 and those with low vaccination rates has been important.

Associated Files: Washington State Department of Health State Calls on Providers to Continue to Work to Boost COVID-19 Vaccination_12132023.pdf, Washington State Department of Health DOH Partners Bring COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics to State College Campuses_091422.pdf, DOH team tapped into the power of providers and boosted COVID vaccinations_121323.pdf, Washington State Department of Health Power of Providers Initiative Brochure_121323.pdf, Washington State Department of Health POP en español_032023.pdf, Washington State Department of Health POP Info Flyer_2023.pdf, POP Provider Metrics graphs_2023.pdf, Washington State Department of Health POP Provider Survey Results_2023.pdf, What Providers Have Said About POP_2023.pdf

Years: 2021, 2022, 2023

Locations: Washington State

Programmatic Areas: COVID-19

Key Words: Communication, COVID-19, Health Promotion, provider education, provider training

Evidence Based: Yes

Evaluations: Limited

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