New Jersey: Influenza Honor Roll

In New Jersey, estimated influenza vaccination rate for those ages 6 months and older was 48.1% for the 2017-2018 flu season. There has been little improvement to the rate over the past few years. Two factors that play into low immunization rates are limited awareness of the importance of the flu vaccine combined with an increase in vaccine hesitancy.  Through the development of this campaign, the objective was to identify a way for community members and organizations to be more involved in flu prevention and to ultimately increase the awareness of vaccination rates. 

Associated Files: AIM Submission NJ Influenza Honor Roll - 2019, NJ IHR Ideas, NJ Flu Honor Roll Infographic, NJ IHR Application

Years: 2019

Locations: New Jersey

Programmatic Areas: Adult Immunization, Communication

Key Words: Communication, Health Promotion, Immunization Education, influenza, outreach, Partnership, public awareness, Young Adult

Evidence Based: Yes

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