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The Association of Immunization Managers tools and resources help our members to implement and manage effective immunization programs.

Aluminum Adjuvants Talking Points

Vaccines include ingredients to help them do their work. Each ingredient used to make a vaccine has a specific purpose. Certain ingredients, just like preservatives in foods, help keep vaccines safe from contamination and toxins that could make us sick.

FAQs on Flu Disease

This e-learning module was developed by the iREACH team to provide a suite of materials containing comprehensive information on flu disease and flu vaccine.

Test Category Layout

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the importance of the 2020-21 flu vaccination campaign. Recent research suggests that having flu and COVID-19 doubles the…

Health Equity: Methods to Support Communities

This iREACH and P4VE webinar featured a presentation from Dr. Dan on health equity-centered methods and strategies to help you communicate with and educate your communities about flu and COVID-19 vaccines.

Myth Busting the Flu & Flu Vaccine

This PowerPoint slide set was developed by iREACH Subject Matter Experts Dr. Yabo Beysolow and Lisa Jacques-Carroll to dispel common myths about flu disease and flu vaccine.
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