Communicating the Benefits of Influenza Vaccine

We’ve released the latest rendition of our Communicating the Benefits of Influenza Vaccine During COVID-19 handout with The handout includes updated recommendations on flu vaccines and tips for discussing them with patients.

Contact us for an editable version to co-brand with your immunization program’s logo.

Influenza (flu) severity varies from year to year, but flu season always brings serious consequences.

Flu outbreaks are unpredictable; vaccination is the best preparation for any influenza season.

Flu vaccination is the best way to prevent the flu and its complications.

Everyone age 6 months and older is recommended to get a yearly flu vaccine. This can markedly lower the risk of influenza-related illness, hospitalization, and death. And because flu and COVID-19 share many symptoms, preventing flu means fewer people will need to seek medical care and testing for flu and COVID-19, saving time, money, and stress. Flu vaccine may be given at the same time as COVID-19 vaccine. Take advantage of every opportunity to make a strong recommendation for flu vaccinations to your patients.

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