Flu Resources

Explore AIM's hub of resources for communications and education around the flu vaccine. Materials developed by AIM and our partners are included in this collection.

Public Health Thank You Day

On Monday, November 22, the greater public health community will observe Public Health Thank You Day, an annual celebration of the incredible work done by our nation’s public health professionals,…

Adult Immunization Toolkit

After decades of focus on childhood immunization, public health officials are now challenged to improve adult immunization. However, unlike the extensive federal and state infrastructure support around childhood immunization, public…

Adolescent Immunization Toolkit

Vaccination rates for some adolescent vaccines remain below Healthy People 2020 goals, leaving millions of adolescents vulnerable to serious health risks. This toolkit offers a selection of resources and insight…

Voices for Vaccines Community Resources

Voices for Vaccines is a family-led pro-vaccine organization providing credible, fact-based resources for families and communities. Find easy-to-understand resources for building vaccine confidence, learning about vaccine safety, and understanding community immunity.
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