Adolescent Immunization Toolkit Learning Modules

Watch three short learning modules on developing a sustainable school-located vaccination (SLV) program, use of an application for electronic consent forms, and the immunization program perspective of valuable partnerships for SLV. Scroll down to view.

Learning Module 1: Developing a sustainable school-located vaccination program

In this module, Tiffany Tate of the Maryland Partnership for Prevention shares the benefits of establishing a school-located vaccination program, the keys to sustaining programs, and tips for implementation from billing to recruiting staff.

Learning Module 2: Use of applications ReadiConsentSM and ClinicReadiSM for electronic consent forms

In the second part of this session, Tiffany discusses how to approach challenges with consent forms.

Learning Module 3: The immunization program perspective of valuable partnerships for SLV

In this module, Greg Reed with the Maryland Immunization Program shares the value of partnerships in establishing school-located vaccination programs and how to establish and maintain those partnerships.

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