Adolescent Immunization Toolkit Program Interview

AIM collected short video clips of immunization program managers detailing activities to increase awareness and vaccination rates of adolescent vaccines. Each clip covers the basic program activities, working with partners, and unique factors. The program managers also detail their lessons learned.

North Dakota Centralized Reminder/Recall for Adolescents

Featuring Molly Howell (ND) discussing the state’s immunization reminder/recall project to increase vaccination rates in adolescents aged 12-17 yrs

Washington State Outreach to Adolescents on HPV Vaccination

Featuring Michele Roberts (WA) discussing the program’s outreach to encourage HPV vaccination in tribal youth and high risk adolescents

Development of Kentucky’s Statewide Immunization Conference Focused on Adolescents

Featuring Margaret Jones (KY) discussing the development of Kentucky’s statewide immunization conference

New Jersey Protect Me with 3+ Campaign

Featuring Steven Bors (NJ) discussing the state’s multimedia adolescent immunization awareness effort, Protect Me with 3+

Implementing the NY State Meningococcal Requirement

Featuring Dr. Elizabeth Rausch-Phung (NYS) discussing the program’s implementation of a new school requirement for meningococcal vaccination for students entering 7th and 12th grades

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