Public Health Thank You Day

On Monday, November 22, the greater public health community will observe Public Health Thank You Day, an annual celebration of the incredible work done by our nation’s public health professionals, including our state immunization program managers and program staff.

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, immunization program managers and staff have worked tirelessly to protect those in need across the country.

This year, the Association of Immunization Managers (AIM) is working to promote Public Health Thank You Day by producing and distributing a one-and-a-half-minute video celebrating immunization program managers and staff.

Follow AIM and thank public health professionals.

Follow AIM on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn) and in the coming days we’ll be sharing a Social Media Toolkit to help you craft messages you can share on your social accounts on 11/22. We also hope you will  help us share the video when we release it on this important day.

For More Information

If your organization has any questions or requires further information, please contact AIM at [email protected].

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