Rhode Island: Off Year VFC Comprehensive Site Visits

Conducting VFC site visits annually, instead of every-other-year as required, helps the RI program build a stronger partnership with VFC practices.  The “off-year” visits are conducted during the year that a VFC comprehensive visit is not done.  The off-year visit is a 30-minute scheduled visit, but the time may vary depending on staff needs.  For the off-year visits, the program partners with the quality assurance specialist, practice vaccine coordinator, physician, or the office manager.   The off-year visits provide many benefits.  The visits allow the program to identify storage and handling issues, provide the practice with new vaccine information, and help maintain stability between the practice and the RI immunization program.  To learn more about these yearly visits…

Associated Files: Rhode Island NPP Program Practices Submission Form - 2016

Years: 2016

Locations: Rhode Island

Programmatic Areas: VFC requirements

Key Words: provider education, provider training, quality improvement, vaccine storage and handling, VFC site visit

Evidence Based: Yes

Evaluations: Yes

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