Indiana: Increasing Immunization Vaccination Coverage

Through the creation of an Influenza Steering Committee that included partnerships with Medicaid, AAP - Indiana Chapter, Indiana Immunization Coalition, and the Indiana Pharmacy Alliance; Indiana was able to address the issue of increasing their immunization vaccine coverage. These efforts…

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New York: Using an Immunization Information System (IIS) to Achieve Compliance with Vaccines for Children Storage and Handling Requirements

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) required providers participating in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program to use standalone or biological pharmaceutical grade refrigerators and freezers for vaccine storage and continuous digital data logger (DDL) thermometers to monitor…

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Wisconsin: BigShots Awards

To help raise awareness around National Infant Immunization Week, and to encourage providers to ensure that the data they submit to the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) is accurate and timely, the immunization program created the “Wisconsin BigShots Awards” to recognize…

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