Public Availability of Immunization Rates, by School, in Massachusetts

To increase public access to and awareness of immunization rates in local communities (individual childcares and schools), the Massachusetts immunization program sought to change the data release policy on immunization rates at childcares and schools (Kindergarten and 7th grade) to increase access and awareness of immunization rates in the community. Following modification to the data release policy, the program posted immunization rates at individual child cares and schools on the immunization program’s website. Feedback from school nurses and others was very positive and foot traffic to the website remains at approximately 280 downloads per month.

Associated Files: MA Public Availability of Immunization Rates By School - June 7, 2016

Years: 2015

Locations: Massachusetts

Programmatic Areas: school immunizations

Key Words: childcare immunizations, public immunization data, school immunizations

Evidence Based: Yes

Evaluations: Limited

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