MyVaxINdiana: Expanding access to immunization records

Indiana operates a lifespan registry (IIS) that includes all residents who have an immunization record in the IIS.  Through a partnership with the Office of the National Controller (ONC), an online tool was created allowing individuals to access a copy of the immunization record through a client portal.  The portal allows individuals to generate official immunization records, access their immunization records,  and forecast needed vaccinations from any computer or mobile device at any time.  A marketing campaign for providers, as well as the public, was created.  The immunization program monitors the number of records that have been activated through this application and the number of records that have been accessed.

Associated Files: IN Bull's Eye Submission Form W Attachments - 2016

Years: 2015

Locations: Indiana

Programmatic Areas: IIS

Key Words: public immunization data

Evidence Based: No

Evaluations: Limited

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