Colorado: No Pain, No Gain – Using Quality Improvement Processes to Improve Onboarding Efficiency [2016 Bull’s-Eye Award Winner]


Due to a backlog of healthcare providers interested in electronic data exchange with the Colorado IIS, the Colorado program completed a Quality Improvement project intended to improve the cycle time for IIS interface implementation.  The average onboarding time was up to nine months to complete.  The program identified the reasons for action, as well as the gathered baseline and post-implementation metrics, performed root cause analyses, identified and tested potential solutions, and conducted post-implementation meetings to measure progress. Wait times, steps, and number of hand-offs of the onboarding process were all decreased.  To find out more about the quality improvement initiative as well as materials from the program…

Associated Files: CO1 Bull's Eye Submission Final W Attachments - 2016

Years: 2015

Locations: Colorado

Programmatic Areas: IIS

Key Words: interoperability, onboarding, quality improvement

Evidence Based: Yes

Evaluations: Yes

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