Kansas: Door to Needle

It was observed, during AFIX visits, That multiple members of the clinical staff have interactions with patients and their families prior to attending  their actual appointment. In many clinics, these earlier interactions involved pulling records and assessing eligibility for vaccine…

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Implementation of Michigan’s College and University Flu Vaccination Challenge to Raise Young Adult Flu Immunization Rates [2016 Bull’s-Eye Award Winner]

[2016 Bull’s-Eye Award Winner] To increase flu immunization rates among college-aged young adults, Michigan created a competitive atmosphere between colleges and universities to see which school could achieve the highest rates.  The “College Flu Challenge” received funding from partners to…

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Exploring Strategies to Improve Immunization Rates – a Colorado Convening of Immunization Policy Experts with the National Governor’s Association

Colorado’s governor requested technical assistance from the National Governors Association (NGA) in immunization policy.  Colorado held a two-day meeting with national experts and local stakeholders to think through promising policies and practices to increase immunization rates in Colorado and identify…

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