Louisiana: Perinatal HepB

The Louisiana program has identified Perinatal Hepatitis B cases labeled as “lost to follow-up” as a target area for improvement, with a goal of reducing the overall number of cases lost to follow-up. The program is using the statewide LINKS registry for contact information and also mobilized internal resources such as vital records, the infectious disease reporting system, WIC, Medicaid, and Lexis Nexis, along with more frequent contact with providers statewide, and use of social media platforms. These additional resources provide useful information for locating individuals both statewide and nationwide. Basic trends show that there are noticeably fewer cases that are “lost to follow up.” The program is currently working with STC to integrate an evaluation tool to better track cases.

Associated Files: Louisiana Peri HepB - May 6, 2016

Years: 2016

Locations: Louisana

Programmatic Areas: Hepatitis B

Key Words: IIS, perinatal Hep B

Evidence Based: No

Evaluations: Yes

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