Michigan: Implementation of Michigan’s College and University Flu Vaccination Challenge to Raise Young Adult Flu Immunization Rates [2016 Bull’s-Eye Award Winner]

[2016 Bull’s-Eye Award Winner] To increase flu immunization rates among college-aged young adults, Michigan created a competitive atmosphere between colleges and universities to see which school could achieve the highest rates.  The “College Flu Challenge” received funding from partners to develop and place a print ad and develop a video PSA.   Webinars and other technical assistance were provided by the immunization program.  Student self-report survey data and immunization registry (IIS) data were analyzed.  Awards were made to schools in three categories based on their size (small, medium, large).  Winning schools were recognized via press, social media, and award trophies.

Associated Files: MI Bull's Eye Submission MI College Flu Challenge W Attachments - 2016

Years: 2015

Locations: Michigan

Programmatic Areas: Partnerships

Key Words: college and universities, influenza, Young Adult

Evidence Based: No

Evaluations: Yes

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