Extreme Leadership

In this four-part series, Steve Farber challenges AIM members to take leadership to the next level and change things for the better—regardless of their “place” in the company.

Steve Farber President Extreme Leadership, Inc.

Extreme Leadership Part 1

Part 1 introduces the concepts of Extreme Leadership, beginning with a personal transformation. He also describes practices and behaviors necessary to accomplish extraordinary goals and discusses the value of love while making a radical leap into leadership.

Extreme Leadership Part 2

Part 2 provides examples of behaviors in famous leaders and how program managers might apply them to improve leadership skills. Mr. Farber further provides introspective questions that help clarify priorities and relationships and describes the impact of “loving what you do” on successful leadership

Extreme Leadership Part 3

Part 3 addresses how fear and audacity can transfer into behaviors that create successful leaders and provides examples of how these concepts lead to successful outcomes.

Extreme Leadership Part 4

Part 4 addresses the importance of accountability in leadership and provides examples of how this behavior leads to successful outcomes.

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