Check List: FAQ for School Leaders – Successful Strategies for Vaccination in School Settings

Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy and the Association of Immunization Managers hosted a virtual symposium in September 2021 that brought together public health officials, leaders in K-12 education, health care providers, and other stakeholders from across the immunization community to share best practices for improving childhood and adolescent immunization rates in school settings. Speakers shared innovative models and lessons learned for school-located COVID-19 vaccination sites, communications strategies for engaging families, and building vaccine confidence and opportunities to strengthen partnerships between public health, education, and health care providers to improve child and adolescent vaccination rates.

These FAQs provide information that was learned from the Symposium for school leaders in considering SLVs in their school setting and answer basic questions: Why SLV? What is SLV? What does an SLV Clinic look like? What makes SLV successful?

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