AIM Policy Summary: March 11, 2022

Each week, AIM staff compile new or moving legislation in jurisdictions all over the country.

This legislative summary is for the week of March 11, 2022.

Please Note: AIM is striving to monitor fast-moving state legislative developments. The information included in this summary may not be comprehensive and is subject to change. Please consult the linked jurisdiction websites for the most up-to-date information on each bill. If you are aware of missing information, please notify us. For individualized support, contact AIM Chief Policy and Government Relations Officer Brent Ewig. AIM would like to thank ASTHO for the ongoing partnership and support that makes these summaries possible and invite you to check out AIM’s Policy Toolkit for more legislative resources.

Enacted Legislation

Falsification of vaccine records

  • NY AB 8700 (also S07759) was enacted on 2/24/22. This law makes it a crime to falsify COVID-19 vaccination records and/or alter or destroy computer records indicating a person’s COVID-19 vaccination status.

Movement on Existing Bills


  • UT H63 was sent to the governor on 3/4/22. This bill requires an employer to exempt an employee or a prospective employee from a coronavirus vaccine requirement if the employee or prospective employee submits a primary care provider’s note stating that the employee or prospective employee was previously infected by coronavirus.
  • SC S838 moved out of committee to the Senate floor for a vote. This bill prohibits the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine without parental consent (in SC, this is for minors under 16).

COVID Daycare and School Mandates

  • IA HF2298 (formerly HF 2040) passed the house and moved to the senate. This bill prohibits any licensed childcare center, elementary or secondary school, or postsecondary from requiring COVID-19 vaccine for enrollment prior to July 1, 2029.


  • NH HB1AIM455 moved out of committee to the House floor. This bill would prohibit the enactment of Federal vaccine mandates.

Gaining Media Attention

  • Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo stated on March 7 that the Florida Department of Health will not recommend coronavirus vaccines to healthy children. This followed a discussion that featured doctors and medical researchers against COVID-19 mitigation initiatives and was moderated by Governor Ron Desantis. Ladapo has previously made comments against vaccines and  against other preventative measures. (Washington Post, New York Times)
  • In response to New York City lifting its public-school mask mandate on March 7, Comptroller Brad Lander and Public Advocate Jumaane Williams sent a letter to Mayor Eric Adams urging him to require the vaccine for public school students starting the next school year. The public officials cited the vaccination rate disparity among school children in different neighborhoods. This proposal spread rapidly on social media (Twitter and Instagram) gaining lots of pushback. (Gothamist)

Introduced Legislation

Exemptions and Mandates

Three bills in Oklahoma were discussed this week after being introduced. Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights hosted a “Health and Parental Rights Week” as part of this and urged Oklahomans to contact their representatives surrounding these three bills.

  • OK HB3878 would require employers to offer exemptions to vaccine mandates, any employee under 18 years of age is not required to receive any vaccinations without the written permission of a parent or guardian.
  • OK SB1128 prevents mandates of vaccines for COVID-19 under EUA or that have been fully licensed but available for less than 5 years. This bill stipulates that this does not apply to entities that must mandate vaccines to receive federal funding.
  • OK SB765 was carried over from the 2021 session. This bill prohibits employers from condition employment attainment or retention based on compliance with a vaccine requirement, not limited to COVID, and no exception for healthcare settings or other workplaces that have vaccine requirements.
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