AIM Policy Summary: July 22, 2022

Each week, AIM staff compile new and moving legislation in jurisdictions all over the country.

This legislative summary is for the week of July 22, 2022.

Please Note: AIM is striving to monitor fast-moving state legislative developments. The information included in this summary may not be comprehensive and is subject to change. Please consult the linked jurisdiction websites for the most up-to-date information on each bill. If you are aware of missing information, please notify us. For individualized support, contact AIM Chief Policy and Government Relations Officer Brent Ewig. AIM would like to thank ASTHO for the ongoing partnership and support that makes these summaries possible and invite you to check out AIM’s Policy Toolkit for more legislative resources.

Enacted Legislation

COVID-19, Mandates, and Exemptions

  • AZ SB 1346 was enacted on 7/6/22. This act prohibits state entities from inquiring about a person’s vaccination status on a door-to-door basis.
  • AZ S 1494 was enacted on 7/6/22. This act prohibits disqualifying an individual from receiving unemployment benefits if the individual was terminated from employment for not receiving a COVID-19 vaccine or booster.
  • MO H 2331 was enacted on 6/30/22. This act prohibits healthcare entities from considering the COVID-19 vaccination status of potential organ transplant recipients or donors in any part of the transplant process unless the organ being transplanted is a lung.
  • NH HB 1604 was enacted on 6/29/22. Effective 8/23/22, this act requires state hospitals and medical facilities to grant religious and medical exemptions (with supporting documentation) from vaccination requirements.
  • NH HB 1455 was enacted on 7/7/22. Effective 7/1/22, this act prohibits state enforcement from requiring an individual to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or to submit more than once per month to COVID-19 testing.
  • NH HB 1495 was enacted on 6/24/22. Effective 6/24/22, this act prohibits the state of New Hampshire from requiring businesses to require vaccination or documentation of vaccination.
  • NH S 229 was enacted on 6/24/22. This act permits pharmacists and supervised pharmacy interns/technicians to administer influenza and a COVID-19 vaccine to the general public.
  • NY A 9513 was enacted on 6/28/22. This act relates to leave time for COVID-19 vaccination, as it extends provisions of leave time until a certain date.
  • SC H 5150 was enacted on 6/29/22. Effective 7/1/22, this bill prohibits the Department of Health and Environmental Control from issuing COVID-19 vaccine passports.

Gaining Media Attention

  • In Florida, Representative Matt Gaetz introduced an amendment to R. 7900. This amendment would have temporarily removed the military’s vaccine mandate; however, it was not adopted. An additional amendment was submitted that would prohibit vaccine mandates for DOD contractors. This amendment has passed the house. In the media, these proposed amendments received support on Twitter, as many individuals expressed support for removing the mandate. Others demonstrated opposition to the amendment, as many state that the pandemic is not over.
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