Georgia: Mobile Health Clinics to Address Inequities in COVID-19 Vaccination Access in DeKalb County


Deploy mobile health clinics in DeKalb county, Georgia, to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to racial minority groups disproportionally impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Develop an effective strategy to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake rate among racial minority groups. Addressing vaccine access is critical to gaining community trust and increasing vaccination uptake.


DeKalb Public Health developed a strategic plan that focused on implementing mobile health clinics with new materials and procedures. Neighborhoods were identified that had high proportions of Black residents, high social vulnerability indexes, and elevated COVID-19 case rates and low vaccination rates. Partners in these neighborhoods were identified to help plan and host vaccination events. Partners included schools, local and state government agencies, and faith- and community-based organizations. Continuous evaluation was conducted to identify best practices and areas for improvement and to assess impact.


From May 2021 to January 2024, 38,561 COVID-19 vaccinations were administered at 805 events. Most of the events were held in south DeKalb county neighborhoods with high proportions of Black residents, high social vulnerability, and high COVID-19 case rates and low vaccination rates.

Years: 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Locations: Georgia

Programmatic Areas: COVID-19, Partnerships

Key Words: COVID-19, Health Equity, outreach, Partnership

Evidence Based: No

Evaluations: No

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