Georgia: Engaging Community Health Advocates to Address Health Equity During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Collaborate with community members and vaccine providers to increase the access, awareness, and availability of COVID-19 vaccines in communities experiencing low rates of vaccine uptake and access.


There was a need to create opportunities for everyday people to learn more about vaccine facts and equity to build relationships within communities with decreased vaccine uptake. The overall purpose was to address fears, concerns, mistrust, and experiences related to COVID-19 that had been expressed during listening sessions. This process also included engaging vaccine providers and other community partners to promote vaccine equity and access.


Healthy Savannah, in partnership with a community partner (Think Equity), organized, developed, and implemented training sessions to educate and prepare community members from various backgrounds and experiences to network in their respective communities. They were identified as Community Health Advocates (CHAs). The goal was to increase awareness, access, and acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccine availability in communities that experienced health disparities and inequities before and during the pandemic.


As of July 2023, 80 Chatham County residents were trained to reach deep into their own communities to hear concerns and gauge attitudes about COVID-19 vaccines and promote access, awareness, and acceptance. Two hundred sixty-seven events and community outreach activities at faith-based organizations, community fairs, afterschool programs, food pantries, barbershops, and other venues were completed. Twenty-four churches organized and presented community events, including a choir showcase, a memorial program, and a fall family festival on Halloween, to promote vaccine equity and access.

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Years: 2022, 2023

Locations: Georgia

Programmatic Areas: Communication, COVID-19, Partnerships

Key Words: COVID-19, Health Equity

Evidence Based: No

Evaluations: No

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