CT Legislator Questions about Exemptions

On February 19, 2020, the Connecticut General Assembly’s Public Health Committee held a hearing on House Bill 5044, which would eliminate religious exemptions…

CT Testimony on HB 7005 (2019)

2019 testimony from Connecticut Commissioner Raul Pino on House Bill 7005, an act prohibiting the acknowledgement of parental statements of religious objections to…

ND Vaccine Facts for the Legislature

This document was created by the North Dakota Immunization Program for legislators with facts about vaccines. It covers a wide variety of topics…

ND Testimony on House Bill 1320

Testimony from the ND IP on the importance of childcare, school, and university immunization requirements.

CDPH Medical Exemptions Q&A

California Department of Public Health frequently asked questions about vaccinations and medical exemptions.

Video of CT Hearing on Religious Exemption Bill

Video of Connecticut Public Health Committee Public Hearing on Proposed Legislation Concerning Public School Immunizations and Elimination of Religious Exemption, February 19, 2020

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