2023 Immunization Champion Awardees

Announcing the 2023 Immunization Champions award winners! Please read through to learn more about the 2023 Champions from various jurisdictions.

Reminder/Recall Program

AIM's reminder/recall (RR) program aims to increase immunization rates by assisting members in designing and coordinating reminder/recall postcard mailings.

2022 Immunization Champion Awardees

The 2022 Immunization Champions have been announced! Please read through to learn more about the 2022 Champions from various jurisdictions.

Champion Awards

We are proud to announce the 2023 Immunization Champion Awardees! The Immunization Champion Award, hosted by the Association of Immunization Managers (AIM) and…

Quick Guide to Adult Vaccine Messaging

This Quick Guide to Adult Vaccine Messaging from the National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit (NAIIS) provides some effective, research-tested messages you might like to use, as well as tips on customizing your approach and language depending on your audience.
Adult Immunization Resource Guide Featured Image

Adult Immunization Toolkit

The AIM Adult Immunization toolkit features activities and strategies that immunization programs have employed to improve the delivery of immunizations to adults.
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