Social Media Resources from the Community COVID Coalition

The Community COVID Coalition, a project of the CDC Foundation, hosted a webinar on January 20, “COVID-19 and Social Media: Best Practices to Reach Your Communities”. The webinar was hosted in partnership with the Health Leads Vaccine Equity Cooperative and was designed for Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). A second webinar is planned for February 24.

In June 2020, the Community COVID Coalition focused on behavioral change communication – researching and creating COVID-19 social media campaigns. Their current focus is on partnering with CBOs to reach the not-yet-vaccinated with messages designed to move them along a continuum from vaccine hesitancy to vaccine acceptance. Target populations for the social media campaigns include all 18- to 24-year olds and Black/African Americans and Latino/as ages 25 to 39. All Facebook and Instagram messages are public and available on the Coalition website, along with the message testing research.

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