Effective Leadership for Community Health Equity

Content: This session consists of instructive presentation, facilitated audience participation and small group exercises. Small group exercises will address personal leadership reflection and journaling, creating the environment for building shared aspirational goals among persons, organizations and sectors. The session also includes methods to provide feedback that builds trust and engagement. The exercise focuses on discerning transactional vs adaptive leadership opportunities/challenges.

Objectives: The participant will have a better understanding of 1) the distinction between “management” and “leadership” as a foundation for further leadership development; 2) the importance of naming and planning for the underlying forces that create events, organizational performance and community-level trends, i.e., transactional vs. adaptive leadership; 3) insight into and a frame of competencies around personal, organizational and leadership.

Eric T. Baumgartner, MD, MPH, Director, Policy and Program Development Louisiana Public Health Institute

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