Collaborating with Medicaid to Improve Immunization Data Exchange and Reporting

A Tip Sheet for Immunization Programs

Data sharing between state, local, or territorial public health immunization programs (IPs) and state Medicaid programs is essential to supporting data-driven decision-making, improving vaccination rates, and reducing the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases. Collaboration between these programs is critical to closing long-standing inequities in vaccination coverage.

This tip sheet, created with input from experienced public health professionals, provides suggestions for how immunization and Medicaid programs can increase data sharing, optimize reporting to Immunization Information Systems (IIS), and develop data-sharing agreements. Explore how both IPs and Medicaid programs benefit by exchanging data captured in different ways, helping them toward the same goals of vaccinating as many individuals as possible and using data to identify areas where vaccination is low and action is needed.

We encourage you to also review the AIM resource Collaborating with Medicaid to Improve Vaccination Rates: a Checklist for Program Managers to learn about the overall benefits of collaborating with Medicaid and the impact the relationship can have on immunization rates.

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