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Vaccine Confidence Webinar Series


Webinar 1: Tracking Vaccine Opposition Movement and Vaccine Perceptions

On July 24, 2020,  Dr. Joe Smyser, CEO of the Public Good Projects, presented information on the organization's Vaccine Communication Tracking and Response tool, which monitors social media content to track anti-vaccine activities and vaccine perceptions. Dr. Smyser provided an overview of the tool, reviewed vaccine opposition messaging trends which have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, and provided insight into evidence-based communication strategies to improve vaccine confidence.

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Webinar 2: Increasing Flu Vaccine Confidence Within African American Communities

On August 18, 2020, AIM hosted the second webinar in its Vaccine Confidence Webinar series. The webinar focused on recent research on flu vaccine uptake trends within African American communities and offered examples of public health partnerships supporting flu vaccine confidence. Dr. Sandra C. Quinn of the University of Maryland Center for Health Equity presented her research related to the cultural factors and demographic trends within African American communities that influence flu vaccine uptake. Dr. Laura Lee Hall of the Center for Sustainable Health Care Quality and Equity presented on building partnerships with health care systems and researchers to identify ways to increase equitable flu vaccine coverage.

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This webinar series was made possible through support from Sanofi Pasteur.
Sanofi Pasteur had no input into any content of the webinar.


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