Immunization Recommendations During Pregnancy (CDPH/CPCA)

This webinar will discuss immunization recommendations during pregnancy. Presenters will review recommended immunizations during pregnancy, including newer RSV vaccines, and best practices for implementing and promoting prenatal immunizations. Participants will also learn, from a health center presenter, practical strategies for immunizing pregnant patients.


  • Review vaccination recommendations during pregnancy. (CDPH)
  • Review new prenatal and infant RSV vaccine recommendations. (CDPH)
  • Review best practices for implementing/promoting prenatal immunizations. (Aliados Health)
  • Learn practical strategies for vaccinating pregnant patients. (Marin Community Clinics)


  • Tarek Salih, MD, MPH, MA, Public Health Medical Office, Immunization Branch, CDPH
  • Arlene Pena, Senior Program Manager, Quality Improvement, Aliados Health
  • Elizabeth Shaw, MD, Family Medicine, Medical Director of Quality Assurance & Improvement, Marin Community Clinics

This webinar is sponsored by the CDPH Adult Immunization grant.

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