Washington: Washington Immunization Information System (IIS) Training and Outreach

Implementation of a recurrent electronic newsletter allows the Washington State immunization program to connect with and inform their IIS users about vital updates and information related to their daily immunization work with the IIS.  The program distributes a monthly electronic newsletter to all of their IIS users through a third-party contact management vendor.  The newsletter contains important updates about the IIS, new training materials and opportunities, and resources related to immunization and IIS work.  The newsletter has helped the program identify and clean up inactive users, thus improving IIS security.  To further enhance their outreach, the program partnered with their IIS vendor, STC, to create a learning management system (available late 2017) for IIS users and established a training and education consortium for all programs that use STC to streamline IIS training efforts.  To learn more about the newsletter and future learning management system

Associated Files: Washington State IIS Training and Outreach - 2016

Years: 2016

Locations: Washington State

Programmatic Areas: IIS

Key Words: Communication, provider training

Evidence Based: Yes

Evaluations: Limited

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