Washington: Meningococcal Vaccination Outreach to Pilgrims Going for Hajj or Umrah

While the Washington state immunization program had not specifically targeted the Muslim population with immunization education efforts tailored to them before, but the presence of a vaccine requirement for those traveling to Mecca made it important for tailored and culturally relevant information to be available.  An internal stakeholder group was convened, an online flyer to educate Hajj participants about vaccine requirements was developed, tested, and revised and the flyer was disseminated to potential 2017 Hajj and Umrah participants via partners throughout Washington state. The flyer was disseminated by a newsletter, direct outreach, and through social media and dissemination efforts were considered successful. 

Years: 2017

Locations: Washington State

Programmatic Areas: Adult Immunization

Key Words: Cultural Competence, Culturally Appropriate

Evidence Based: Yes

Evaluations: Limited

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