North Dakota: Rural HPV Vaccine School-Located Clinics

Local public health units in North Dakota implemented school-based HPV vaccination clinics to increase HPV vaccination rates. The North Dakota Immunization and Cancer Coalition funded mini-grants to local public health units to conduct school-based HPV vaccination clinics for age eligible children. Original grants were $5,000-$7,000. School-located HPV vaccination clinics are now self-sustaining and funded by local public health units billing insurance for administration fees.  Evaluation data from the IIS show that HPV completion rates for one county in ND were:   Year 1: 13.1%; Year 3: 50.4%; Today: 62.28% . 

Years: 2018

Locations: North Dakota

Programmatic Areas: Adolescent Immunization, HPV, Partnerships

Key Words: Adolescents, coalitions, HPV, local health department

Evidence Based: Yes

Evaluations: Yes

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