California: StayTeen HPV Vaccine E-Reminder Pilot Project – A Promising Model

The California Department of Public Health rebranded an existing e-notivation tool to create “Stay Teen,” an HPV e-reminder pilot project. The goals of the project were to test the ease of using the tool in a clinic setting and evaluate the impact of the tool on series completion. After focus group testing, the use of the term HPV was excluded from the e-message to allow for discreetness, rather simply reminding the user that a shot was due at a specific clinic. The pilot demonstrated a significant increase in HPV completion rates and 100% of participating clinic staff found the tool easy to incorporate into the clinic flow, wanted to continue to use the tool and recommended use of the tool for other clinics.

Years: 2019

Locations: California

Programmatic Areas: Adolescent Immunization, HPV

Key Words: Adolescents, HPV

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