California’s StayTeen HPV Vaccine E-Reminder Pilot Project: A Promising Model

The California Department of Public Health rebranded an existing e-notivation tool to create “Stay Teen,” an HPV e-reminder pilot project. The goals of the project were to test the ease of using the tool in a clinic setting and evaluate the impact of the tool on series completion. After focus group testing, the use of the term HPV was excluded from the e-message to allow for discreetness, rather simply reminding the user that a shot was due at a specific clinic. The pilot demonstrated a significant increase in HPV completion rates and 100% of participating clinic staff found the tool easy to incorporate into the clinic flow, wanted to continue to use the tool and recommended use of the tool for other clinics.

Click here to view a presentation of the pilot plans and results:

Years: 2019

Locations: California

Programmatic Areas: Adolescent Immunization, HPV

Key Words: Adolescents, HPV

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