Please read the AIM Corporate Alliance Program Terms & Conditions below, and complete this form to verify you will follow these guidelines.

Consistency with Mission

  • AIM’s mission, vision and values direct financial interaction with external partners. AIM will not accept support from external partners where the external partner has adopted policies that do not support the basic principles of public health or AIM’s mission, vision and values.

Acceptance of Membership

  • AIM reserves the right in its sole discretion to accept or reject Corporate Alliance Members.

Term of Membership

  • Membership is annual on a calendar year from January through December. Membership is contingent upon compliance with these terms and conditions. AIM shall determine in its sole discretion whether or not to revoke a Corporate Alliance Partner’s membership. No refunds if membership is revoked or withdrawn for any reason at any time during the calendar year.

Award of Benefits

  • All Corporate Alliance benefits are subject to change at any time in AIM’s sole discretion.
  • Select benefits (e.g., virtual exhibit hall and roundtable discussions) will be offered at AIM invitation according to AIM guidelines.


  • AIM will internally document activities supported by external partner contributions and grants. AIM will annually report to its Members via its Annual Conference or through webinars aggregate funding received according to source: Corporate Alliance, institutional grant, etc.

No Endorsement

  • AIM will not endorse any commercial products or external partners. Participation in an external partnership or acceptance of contributions does not imply AIM approval of an external partner’s policies or endorsement of their products. Corporate Alliance members may not claim AIM endorsement of their products by participation in the AIM Corporate Alliance program.
  • AIM endorses the use of vaccines or other products only as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) guidelines and recommendations.

No Direct Advocacy

  • AIM will advocate on behalf its members, immunization program managers, only. AIM will not advocate for Corporate Alliance partners. AIM will not advocate for a particular issue because it has received funding from an external partner.

Use of Contribution Funds

  • Contributions to AIM listed as “unrestricted” may be used to support AIM advocacy and other efforts consistent with AIM’s mission. Use of funding is determined by AIM in its sole discretion and not influenced by external partners.

Avoidance of Conflict of Interest

  • No AIM staff member or Executive Committee member may receive direct or indirect financial or other benefits from AIM Corporate Alliance interactions.

Objectivity and Control

  • AIM financial interactions must preserve or promote trust in AIM and its membership. AIM will remain objective, regardless of any funding or external partnership. Financial interactions do not permit an external partner to influence the content of AIM programs, products, services and related activities.
  • AIM maintains complete control over all AIM programs, products, services and related activities. AIM reserves the right to approve all materials relating to an external partnership. Corporate Alliance Partners must obtain AIM’s prior written approval before using its logo for any purpose, including but not limited to on Corporate Alliance Member materials. AIM may terminate any use of its logo in its sole discretion.
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