Annual Influenza Update Webinar (AIM)

Prepare for the upcoming influenza season with AIM’s Annual Influenza Update Webinar on August 28 at 3 pm ET. The webinar will feature:

  • Dr. Michelle Fiscus, AIM Chief Medical Officer, providing the latest trends related to the influenza virus, giving updates related to this year’s vaccine and ACIP recommendations, and sharing effective communication strategies to help debunk influenza myths, maximize immunization rates, and improve vaccine confidence.
  • Dr. Litjen (L.J.) Tan, Chief Policy and Partnerships Officer from and the National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit (NAIIS), giving an update on the work of the NAIIS and outcomes of the last Summit meeting.
  • Dr. Paul Petersen, Director of Emergency Preparedness from Tennessee Department of Health, sharing strategies to improving vaccine coverage and confidence through innovative flu programs and plans.
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