AIM in Health Affairs Forefront

On Wednesday, March 2, authors from the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, the Association of Immunization Managers, and the Brown University School of Public Health published Priorities and Policy Levers to Support School-Located Vaccination in Health Affairs Forefront. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, school-located vaccination has played a critical role in expanding access to routine, seasonal, and COVID-19 vaccines for students and their communities across the country. The article highlights priorities and strategies for enabling, strengthening, and sustaining school-located vaccination models during the current pandemic and beyond and the policy levers that can help increase equitable access to childhood vaccinations.

  • Key priorities identified in the article include:
    • Strengthening collaborations among public health, K-12 education, and health care systems
    • Maintaining data infrastructure to support information exchange and targeted vaccination efforts
    • Aligning reimbursement policies to support vaccine access
    • Building and sustaining school infrastructure for vaccination
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