AIM Champion Award 2022 Announcement

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The AIM Champion Award, previously known as the CDC Childhood Immunization Champion Award, recognizes individuals from community partners, immunization coalitions, and healthcare providers who contribute to improving public health through their work in adult & childhood immunizations.

AIM recognizes the great effort made annually by states, U.S. Territories, the Freely Associated States, and the District of Columbia to identify champions who make a critical difference in vaccinations. AIM is revising and expanding the award program to be more inclusive by engaging members and community leaders from multidisciplinary groups. We are thankful for your support and commitment. Detailed information about the revised award program and nominations will be released soon.

The Role of Champions

Young children and adults rely on the champions in their lives to keep them safe and healthy. Those champions may be parents who keep a record of their child’s vaccinations and ask at each doctor appointment whether their child is up to date on immunizations. Those champions may also be doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and other healthcare professionals who ensure that the adults and children in their care receive all the recommended vaccines. Champions can also be local community leaders that serve as trusted sources for their communities in dispelling misinformation and supporting vaccine clinics in their communities.

The AIM Champions are an inspiration to everyone who cares about the health of all. AIM is pleased to recognize the award recipients for their extraordinary contributions through their work in immunizations.

Past Award Recipients

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