2023 AIM Officers and Executive Committee

Congratulations to our election winners for the AIM Officer and Executive Committee positions! We are excited to welcome 6 Executive Committee members and a new AIM leadership team. Thank you to all the candidates who ran for election and every program manager who voted.

A special thank you to Executive Committee members who are rotating off for all their time and contributions to AIM leadership: Michele Roberts (WA), Emily Messerli (KY), Stephen White (SC), and Rich Lakin (UT).

AIM Officers

  • Amber Tirmal (Philadelphia) – AIM Chair
  • Tom McCleaf (PA) – Chair-Elect
  • Kathy Kudish (CT) – Immed. Past Chair
  • Molly Howell (ND) – Sec-Treas

AIM Executive Committee

  • Heather Burris (DC) – 3-year term
  • Sarah Leeds (ID) – 3-year term
  • Rob Schechter, M.D.  (CA) – 3-year term
  • Terri Adams (MI) – 2-year term
  • Heather Roth (CO) – 2-year term
  • Pejman Talebian (MA) -1-year term
  • Ron Balajadia (HI) continues term
  • Monife Stout (USVI) continues term
  • Stephanie Schauer, Ph.D (WI) continues term
  • Kurt Seetoo (MD) continues term
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