Request for Proposals: Evaluation of Promising Practices for Improvement of Immunization Rates

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Below is a summary of the evaluation of promising practices RFP. For full details on the scope of work, submission requirements, and contact information,  please download the PDF.

Submission Deadline

AIM will accept proposals submitted in response to this RFP until 12 pm ET on Friday, January 13, 2023.

Objective of this Request for Proposal

The Association of Immunization Managers (AIM) is soliciting proposals from qualified vendors in response to this Request for Proposal to identify and screen potential best practices to promote COVID-19 and routine immunizations for children against standardized criteria and develop a written report summarizing the evaluation of each of five (5) promising practices, including impact, cost-benefit analysis, and feasibility of implementing the project in additional jurisdictions.


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more than 37 million recommended vaccine doses being missed among children younger than age 18, compared to those given in 2019. In addition, 58 percent of children have yet to receive a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, immunization rates for adults, including those against influenza, herpes zoster, and pneumococcal pneumonia, are well below desired levels. As a result, tens of thousands of individuals in the U.S. are impacted by preventable infectious diseases every year.

AIM’s members, the 64 CDC-funded immunization program managers across the states, U.S. territories, and six major cities, routinely develop new initiatives to improve immunization coverage rates in their jurisdictions. AIM seeks contract with a partner that can conduct an evaluation, including a cost-benefit analysis, policy analysis, and feasibility study, of at least five (5) identified promising practices.

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