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Leadership Institute
The AIM Leadership Institute is dedicated to the promotion of effective immunization program management through collaboration, education and creativity to assure program compliance and increase and sustain high immunization coverage. Click here to learn more about the institute activities.

Mentor Program
The mentor program matches experienced program managers with new program managers. Click here to learn more about the program.

Peer-to-Peer Shadowing
The Peer-to-Peer Shadowing program allows program managers to visit another program to learn from that program. Click here to learn more about the program.

Program Information Requests & Responses
The AIM e-mail query allows members to share information with each other and provides a mechanism to poll other programs on key issues. Replies are compiled and posted on the website. Members can send questions to Click here to see an archive of information requests and responses on the members only section of the website.

New Program Manager Orientation
AIM works in collaboration with CDC to design and implement orientation for new program managers. The orientation provides a comprehensive overview of immunization program activities as well as an opportunity for new program managers to establish a direct connection with each other, CDC and AIM. Contact to get more information about the new program manager orientation.

Survey/Interview Review and Recommendation
AIM provides a service to its members by screening survey and interview requests sent to program managers and providing a recommendation on whether AIM members should participate. The AIM Research and Executive Committees determine a recommendation on the survey/interview, and the recommendation is communicated to AIM members and all requesting parties. If members receive a request, please forward the information to Research and Development Director, Katelyn Wells. Click here to learn more about the recommendation process.

Virtual Exhibit Hall
The AIM Virtual Exhibit Hall is a one-hour webinar series produced by AIM so Immunization Program Managers and staff can learn about immunization related products. Click here to learn more and view an archive of events.

Peer Sharing Library
The AIM Peer Sharing Library is a place for AIM members to exchange documents with other members. Members can upload and download resources to the library. Click here to be directed to the member’s only section of the website.
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