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AIM Leadership Development Conference Modules 2015-Diane Thieldfoldt
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AIM Leadership Development Conference 2015 Modules

This event was made possible through a Merck educational grant and with support from our partners at South Central Public Health Partnership and the Louisiana Public Health Institute. Thank YOU!


Session:  Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce

Speaker: Diane Thielfoldt, The Learning Café

Part I: Introducing the Multiple Generational Workforce

AIM is pleased to announce the release of the first of three modules developed from Diane Thielfoldt’s presentation at the 2015 AIM Leadership Development Conference. Part 1 describes a study of generational differences. As a social science, this study seeks to understand a cohort of groups of people. The learner is introduced to the four generations currently in the workplace – the Silent Generation, The Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials. Understanding the different work styles of each generation likely demands flexibility but each generation can bring an essential positive influence to the success of any workplace. Understanding the different work styles of each generation likely demands flexibility. Click here to view the module.



Part 2: Generations at a Glance
Part 2 describes the challenges encountered within a multigenerational workplace – communication methods, work styles and career opportunities and provides the learner with five myths related to each generation. The influences associated with generational differences include life cycle events, major or current events and how culture and individual personalities shape traits and workplace behaviors


Part 3: Multigenerations in the Workplace

In this session, motivators and de-motivators of each generation are described, including what drives employee engagement and satisfaction and using these strategies to motivate each generation. The session demonstrates how each generation describes a good supervisor and provides strategies for successful management. The creation of a workplace climate that energizes and empowers employees is critical for positive outcomes as is customizing communication and clarifying careers. This session also describes how leveraging the assets of each generation influence the recruitment, engagement and retention of each generation.

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