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Annual Report


Resource Guide

AIM Annual Report

2016 Annual Report provides a background about the organization, highlights recent achievements, disclosed financial information and lists AIM leadership and Corporate Alliance Members.


 AIM Adult IZ 
 Resource Guide

View a collection of  immunization
 program activities and related
 resources for 9 topic areas

Lessons from the Field

Open Access Manuscripts

Lessons from the Field

This resource examines the experience of immunization programs that were early adopters of Digital Data Loggers.

      Journal of Public Health Management and Practice: Public Health Opportunities to Improve Late-Adolescent Immunization

Seven state/local immunization program managers were convened to discuss how public health immunization programs could enhance their efforts to promote adolescent vaccination, with an emphasis on late adolescence (ages 16-18 years).


Fact Sheets

   Vaccines for Children Program-The Role of State, Territorial, and Local Immunization Programs

AIM fact sheet that explains the VFC program, the types of providers and how the 64 state/local/territorial immunization programs are accountable for the program.


Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics: Improving childhood vaccination coverage rates: the case of fourth dose of DTaP

In June 2018, a group of immunization program managers, representing nine city/state public health programs, was convened to discuss how public health immunization programs could improve vaccination coverage rates for the primary immunization series, using the fourth dose of DTaP vaccine as an organizing theme.




Potential Impact of the Elimination of Public Health Fund (PPHF)
Updated 11/2018

AIM fact sheet that explains the potential impact of the elimination of PPHF funds on the 64 state, local and territorial immunization programs.

      Immunization Program
Characteristics Maps

AIM maps which depict policies or characteristic for the 64 state/local/territorial immunization programs.


  ARRA Stimulus Funding by State, Local and Territorial, Immunization Program Fact Sheets

AIM fact sheets that summarize the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) immunization activities: nationally and by state/local/territorial immunization program.


2017 AIM Annual Survey Snapshot

The 2017 AIM Annual Survey explored the 64 state, local, and territorial immunization program (IP) policies, infrastructure, activities, priorities, and the impact of funding changes. The survey was administered from June-October 2017 and 86% of IPs responded.



Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF): Investment in Immunization 2011-2017
Updated 11/2018

AIM fact sheet that explains the areas of immunization that PPHF grants have supported; grant amounts and impact of the grants.



2017 AIM Annual Survey: IIS Snapshot

These findings represent the most current view of how federally-funded IPs support the increasing complexity and growing financial demands of IIS and what actions IPs are taking to sustain IIS in the future.


Roundtable Observations


Observations on Adolescent Immunization

This information is based on feedback from a focus group consisting of seven immunization program managers. The group discussed opportunities and challenges in promoting adolescent vaccination—especially a 16-year-old platform—and the critical role for immunization programs.


      Childhood Influenza Vaccination: Immunization Program Observations: Results of a roundtable discussion on December 11, 2018, with 13 immunization program managers to discuss the challenges of promoting childhood flu vaccination and strategies for improving uptake. 


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